Dec 10, 2012


traditional italian christmas dessert of fried dough + honey. i grew up eating this only at christmas. on a recent trip back to visit family in italy, my aunties taught me the family recipe. buon appetito!

Dec 04, 2012

baked brie bites

perfect for girl's night, no fat pants needed. ladies - are you guilty of attending girls’ night and complaining about how fat you are while simultaneously inhaling chips, dip, pizza, and cupcakes? if you’re nodding your head yes, then try this menu the next time you host the beautiful women in ...

Nov 06, 2012

linguine with lemon + white white sauce

easy pasta dish of gluten-free linguine with light lemon white white sauce, balanced nicely with peppery arugula + fresh tomatoes.

Nov 01, 2012

figs, ricotta + honey

healthy, beautiful, simple appetizer for your next dinner party

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